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Does your house need painting...again?

Does your house need painting...again?

Has the rendering blown? Is the pebble-dash falling? Is the brickwork spalling? Are the surfaces damp and porous? Is the Tyrolean patchy? Is the rough-cast uneven or the stucco deteriorating? Are there ugly scars and blemishes from previous repairs or repointing?

Wall and Roof Coatings Ltd could be the answer to your decorating problems.

Our process is designed to completely renovate your exterior walls regardless of the type of surface or condition, and it can be applied all year round. Problems such as blown rendering, falling pebble-dash, spalling brickwork, damp and porous surfaces, patchy Tyrolean, uneven rough-cast or deteriorated stucco can all be things of the past. The coating (which is applied under high pressure by our skilled specialists) will transform the walls of your home and provide decorative protection and weather proofing that is guaranteed for 20 years against chipping, peeling and flaking.

Are the walls cold and damp?

Are the walls discoloured, dreary, with cold penetrating damp coming in from the outside? Are they affected by discolouring algae and mould?

We renovates, decorates and protects. Never paint again!

We also insulate your walls keeping heat in and cold penetrating damp out, while still allowing walls to breathe!

This is available in different textures and in any colour from the British Standard range, with 1000s to choose from. The product is 20 - 30 times thicker than ordinary paint, and its unique formulation (which blends resins, minerals, titanium, fungicide, fibre-glass and other chemicals) produces a revolutionary breakthrough in exterior protection meaning that you'll never paint again.

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