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Don’t Let Your Bricks Crumble Away

Accelerated decay is commonly associated with poor repairs, neglected maintenance or unsuitable alterations. Deficiencies in design, materials and workmanship may also play a role. Such factors can result in: Serious decay by erosion of the mortar joints and possibly spalling brickwork because of continuous saturation from extreme exposure, leaking gutters or salt crystallisation;

Crumbling (‘spalling’) of brick faces due to frost action, particularly on parapets or chimney stacks, or the use of a cement mortar rather than a lime-based one;Cracks in brickwork caused by, for instance, tree root damage, rotten timber lintels over windows and doors or removal of load-bearing walls internally.

Andura  can resolve all of these problems with the following application.

Spalling Brickwork

Repairing Brickwork: By bag rubbing the brick surface with a modified P.V.A. sand and cement slurry to restore mortar joints and the spalling brick face. This unique process retains the character of broken bond appearance.

Epoxy Resin will be utilised to attend to perpend mortar brick interface cracking caused by thermal expansion and/or undue pressure to prevent further opening.

Application: To include Masking of all windows, doors, fixtures & fittings. Sheeting with thermo plastic decking all walk ways. Hessian coverage for all adjacent shrubs and foliage.

The first application of active resin saturation key coat will be followed by a second pressure application of Andura weather proofing at 100 PSI of not less than one kilo per square metre specifically manufactured in your choice of colour.

Perlite Thermal Insulation is now available as an added ingredient for homes with solid wall construction. Consisting of millions of hollow ceramic vacuum segments, each no larger than a grain of sand will enable the exterior fabric to preserve heat like a thermos flask. Warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer plus a considerable saving on the energy bill.

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