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Biorods eradicates damp

Biorods are 10mm diameter rods that carry a powerful water-repellent material that is over 60% active. the rods are inserted into pre-drilled 10mm holes along the mortar lines of a building. the water-repellent they carry diffuses deeply into the damp masonry, curing to form a highly effective barrier to damp. this goes a damp-proof course which stops further rising damp from occurring and helps the wall to dry out.

tests have shown that Biorods have much better diffusion characteristics than conventional damp-proofing products. Biorods have many advantages over conventional damp treatments.

deep penetration & proven spread gives a complete treatment every time.

simple application, just drill and insert rod (no application equipment needed)

exact dose in each hole.

low hazard, non caustic, non flammable and solvent free.

spillage and mess eliminated.

consistent application, easy to estimate usage.

superior performance.

Biokilcrown Rods x 12

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