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No More Damp EP40 floor coating system is a water based two part system consisting of an Epoxy Primer and a Epoxy Finish coat in Grey or Clear.

The primer is designed to soak into the substrate , block the pores and improve adhesion to the substrate. The finish coat is then applied to the floor leaving a clean hardwearing , dust free , waterproof finish.

** Please note EP40 Primer should always be applied prior to the application of either the Grey or Clear finish coat **

Typical Uses.

Over concrete floors in a variety of enviroments such as :

Industrial Plants , Commercial and retail stores , Warehouses , Hospitals , Showrooms , Garages , Gymnasiums and Food preperation areas.


Can be applied to Green concrete after 7 days.

Ideal for areas in contact with vehicles such as Forklifts and Lorries.

Can be used as a Liquid DPM at ground level.


Can be used Internally .

Primer and Finish coats are sold in 5kg containers.

Coverage 5KG = up to 40m2.( depending on substrate porosity and roughness )

EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating

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