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Technoseal DPM is a general - purpose damp proofing paint and liquid tanking membrane that can be applied to sound masonry by brush, roller or spray.


Can be applied to plaster and overpainted with emulsion paint to hide damp patches Applied directly to substrate. Used on plasterboards for preparation of Wet rooms.

Applied onto Concrete floors to prevent Damp, must be protected i.e. carpeted. Used to waterproof ponds.

Non-toxic, non-hazardous and solvent free formulation.

Packaging: 5ltr container

Colours: Black, White

➥ Size: Not specified

➥ Colour: Not specified

➥ Material: Not specified

➥ Brand: Wykamol

➥ Product Group: Decorating

➥ Product Category: Adhesives & Sealants > Damp Proofing

➥ Product Subcategory: Damp Proofing

➥ Additional Notes:

➥ Stock Code: STX-338668

Technoseal Damp Proofing Paint by Wykamol

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