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Damp Surveys

How we undertake our surveys…

Our surveys are carried out on the basis of providing the best advice & recommendations tailored to the particular build type of the property, carrying out a survey on a Victorian Town House is totally different from surveying a post war semi, houses need to be looked at individually but unfortunately this rarely happens.

The majority of surveyors seem to adopt a one size fits all policy and this is where the problems arise. you cant recommend the same remedial treatments that would be suitable for a post war semi to a Victorian Town House, for a start one will have cavity walls whilst the other will have a solid wall construction, older properties tend to have lime based products for external renders, internal plaster and mortar beds and its all about allowing these types of property to ‘breathe’ All our surveys start with the inspection of the external elements of the property…..the reason for this is due to most forms of damp related problems affecting properties being down to the lack of regular and effective maintenance, building defects from poorly maintained, roofs, guttering, pointing and high external ground levels are common

Why Us

  • We don’t need to ‘find’ work to cover our costs of undertaking the survey.
  • We’re more than happy to discuss findings on site during the survey, we have a open and honest approach.
  • Sound knowledge of the building stock in the South East which often gives us a head-start having surveyed most types of houses before.
  • We use the latest diagnostic equipment to aid our findings.
  • Trusted by some of the largest estate agents in the South East to carry our pre purchase surveys for home buyers.
  • Our experience comes not only from theory based education, we have pulled many a wall apart and put it back together which gives us a unique insight into damp related problems and how they are rectified
Wall & Roofing Coating LTD

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