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Rising Damp Issues

Building materials are required to breathe in order to stop indoor damp and mould prevailing.

This essential porosity creates the biggest long term enemy in the building industry, the ingress of wind driven rain water causing untold damage and an alarming increase in heat loss associated with solid wall construction for properties built before 1930. Preventing rain water ingress through exterior walls will eliminate entirely the eventual evaporation process providing an undoubtable reduction in energy consumption.

Our initial survey is carried out by our highly trained staff , who will look to discover potential external sources of Damp , Such as Water Ingression.

Our inspection will allow us to determine which type of damp treatment is best for you

Our Inspection will allow us to determine which type of damp treatment is best for you .

Andura exterior wall coating provides a damp proofing membrane that combines both vapour permeability and water-proofing to eliminate those constant, and very often expensive render repairs that are usually caused by damp problems and most of all a permanently  dry insulated exterior wall.

The recent exceptional weather conditions have given rise to unexpected problems regarding penetrating damp in both solid wall and cavity wall construction where the introduction of insulation material has become saturated due to the porosity of unprotected brickwork and rendered wall surfaces.

Rendered and pebble dash properties loose their contact adhesion with the brickwork beneath having previously suffered undetectable frost damage known as blown render, thus providing a reservoir of water in the newly created void this will give rise to penetrating damp becoming evident internally.

This water intrusion is attracted by indoor warmth in order to evaporate and will continue over a nine month heating season.

The evaporation process will continue to manifest itself on internal walls until the summer returns. Without protection you can rest assured it will be back in the winter and whole merry go round starts again.

Damp problems can be permanently resolved by having Andura exterior wall coating that provides a weather proof seamless membrane pressure applied to the exterior wall surface available in a choice of heritage colours or clear non film protection to preserve the character build especially listed buildings. Virtually indestructible and totally resilient to air borne pollution.

If you need damp proofing in Kent, we are a damp proofing specialists company covering Kent, Essex and Surrey. For all damp proofing services, please contact us today for a free quote.

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