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Signs of Damp -What does it look like ?

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Often damp problems can go unnoticed in your property, but there are tell-tale signs of damp

which verify whether or not there's a damp problem:

Signs of damp on the inside of a property

• Damp musty smells

• Paint cracking or deteriorating

• Damp marks around chimney breast

• Damp stains, damp mould or salt residue on walls

• Staining of wall coverings

• Rusting nails or screws

• Evidence of dry rot fungal growth on walls and structural timber

• A discoloured or white tidemark on walls, indicating rising damp

Signs of a damp problem outside of your property

• Water marks on walls

• Salt stains on walls

• Moss or vegetation growing on the exterior of buildings

If you notice any of the following signs of damp listed above in your property it is likely that you will need assistance from a professional damp treatment expert to get your property back to full health.

Will damp damage my property?

Although it might not be noticeable, over time damp will cause structural problems - the presence of fungi in wood often causes wet rot and dry rot problems, which leads to the weakening of structural timber. It also provides ideal conditions for woodworm to thrive, and can cause unsightly and unhealthy mould problems to develop. The longer damp infests, the worse a woodworm, wet rot or dry rot problem will become and the greater damage caused to a property's structure.

Do you recognise the signs of damp and need help?

If you spot any signs of damp on your property, you should contact US to arrange a professional Damp Survey to identify the cause, and give advice on treatments and solutions. 

Damp proofing Experts was established in 1992 and has over 27 years experience in providing damp proofing solutions. We are the market leader in Kent in the repair and preservation on all types of property.

Book a appointment with the experts today on 01580 854188 to organise a damp proofing survey from one of our damp specialists. You can also email with any questions you have and one of our team will get back to you.

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